Free Printable Wordsearches for 2001

Word searches in the first few years (2001-2003) had several unfortunate tendencies. The puzzles were generated from a single, rather large, wordlist. Unfortunately, from time to time, the software would fixate on a single letter, and generate a word search of 30+ words, of which about half would begin with the same letter. Or, it would generate word searches with substantially the same words as a recent puzzle. For this reason, I have come to hate the words "spoliate" and "pachyderm". As you plow through these word searches, you'll understand why.

Here they are, warts and all. I present to you, the first year's worth of word searches!

Word searches


Making money in real estate

Families and more

January 2001

February 2001

March 2001

April 2001

May 2001

June 2001

July 2001

August 2001

September 2001

October 2001

November 2001

December 2001

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